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Humphreys & Keen - 'The Overflow'
NZ - 2006
Sweet Pea Records

The Overflow

Album from former Able Tasmans Graham Humphreys and Peter Keen, which features Don on euphonium

Slim Volume - 'Come On In'
NZ - 2002
Braille Records - BRAI 017

Come On In

David Long's debut solo album, featuring contributions from Fur Patrol's vocalist Julia Deans and ex-Six Volts' Neill Duncan and Steve Roche among others.

1 Come On In
2 It's OK
3 See In the Dark
4 Too Late Now
5 Hurtle
6 Too Tired To Sleep
7 Togo
8 Home Fires
9 Inside My Skin
10 Mojo

All songs written by David Long

Blam Blam Blam
'The Complete...'

NZ - 1992
Propellor Communications Limited - D30899 (REV502)

The Complete Blam Blam Blam

A compilation of tracks encompassing the career of Don's first rock band

1 There Is No Depression In New Zealand
2 Battleship Grey
3 Maids To Order
4 Dr Who
5 Motivation
6 Blue Belmonts
7 Respect
8 Got To Be Guilty
9 Don't Fight It Marsha, It's Bigger Than Both Of Us
10 Learning To Like Ourselves Again
11 Call For Help
12 Time Enough
13 Like My Job
14 Luxury Length
15 Businessmen
16 Talkback King
17 The Bystanders
18 Beach On 42nd Street
19 Last Post

1 written by McGlashan / Von Sturmer
2,5,19 by Bell
3,15,17 by Bell / Mahon / McGlashan / Von Sturmer
4 by Bailey
6,8,10,13,14,16 by Bell / Mahon / McGlashan
7,9,11,12,18 by McGlashan

Chris Sheehan

Planet Painkiller

Chris Sheehan, Mutton Birds lead guitarist '97-'99, released a couple of albums in the early-90s with his band Starlings. He then released a couple of solo albums under the name Chris Starling, Planet Painkiller (1999) on his own EX34 label, followed by Sounds Like Chris Starling (2002) on Spanish label PopChild.

Dave Dobbyn


A couple of albums by the NZ songwriting legend Dave Dobbyn have featured various Mutton special appearances. On 1996's Twist, Ross Burge and Alan Gregg provided rhythm tracks for the majority of the songs, and Don McGlashan played euphonium on the brooding It Dawned On Me. The follow-up album, 1998's The Islander once again saw Ross and Alan contributing.

For more information, visit the official Dave Dobbyn website

Bic Runga

Bic Runga - Beautiful Collision

Mutton Birds' bassist Alan Gregg toured with NZ singer/songwriter Bic Runga in the late 90s, and featured on her second album Beautiful Collision (Sony, 2002). He plays on 'Precious Things', 'Election Night', 'Beautiful Collision' and 'Gravity'. The album also features Neil Finn, Dave Dobbyn and sometime REM drummer Joey Waronker.

Additionally, Ross Burge drums on 'You Don't Want To Know', the b-side to Bic's Get Some Sleep single.

For more information, visit bicrunga.com

The Finn Brothers

The Finn Brothers - Everyone Is Here

Neil and Tim Finn's Everyone Is Here (EMI, 2004) featured Don playing euphonium on 'All The Colours'.

For more information, visit finnbros.com

Crowded House

Crowded House - Time On Earth

Don made a guest appearance on Crowded House's 2007 comeback album, playing euphonium on 'English Trees' and singing on 'A Sigh'. He then played various instruments on the 2010 follow-up Intriguer.

Various Artists -

NZ - 2005
Toi Maori Aotearoa 99714


Features Don McGlashan putting Hone Tuwhare's 'Rain' to music.

MusikExpress -
Sounds of 97

Germany - 1997

Sounds of 97

Features The Mutton Birds' 'Come Around'

'Mr Reliable'

UK - 1998
Polydor - 516-820-2

Mr Reliable soundtrack

Original score by Phil Judd (ex-Split Enz/Swingers), other tracks include The Mutton Birds' 'Nature' alongside artists such as INXS and Dusty Springfield.

Various -
Kiwi Hit Disc 26

NZ - 1997

NZ On Air 26

Features The Mutton Birds' 'April'

The liner notes were written by Nick Bollinger:

'The third single from 'Envy of Angels' is another showcase for the top shelf songwriting of Don McGlashan. "The joy of Don McGlashan's writing is in his ability to take a single image, reference or thought and turn it into a more encompassing creation", writes Jesse Garon in Rip It Up.'

'Underwater Melon Man'

1998 - New Zealand

Underwater Melon Man soundtrack

Features "The Girl with the X-Ray Eyes" sung by Don McGlashan

Various -
Kiwi Hit Disc 57

NZ - 2003

NZ On Air 57

Features The Mutton Birds' 'Not To Take Sides'

Various -
Kiwi Hit Disc 41

NZ - 2000

NZ On Air 41

Features The Mutton Birds' 'Winning Numbers'

'The Big Steal'

AUS - 1990
WEA - 903172571-2

The Big Steal soundtrack

Features The Front Lawn's 'I'll Never Have Anything More' alongside contributions from The Makers, Mental As Anything, Tim Finn and Phil Judd among others.

'The Frighteners'

NZ - 1996

The Frighteners soundtrack

Features The Mutton Birds' version of 'Don't Fear the Reaper'